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February 2010

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I wasn't always there.

I can't believe I haven't written in this thing since SEPTEMBER! But, what's crazier, is September doesn't feel like it was that long ago. But it was. It was 5 months ago. And my goodness so much has happened. Well, I got my GED. I passed! The first try too. Kim and I...we went through a lot. More than I ever want to ever again! It's been a challenge and a blessing being with Kimberly. Her and I have grown on more than one level. As a couple and as individuals. I'm happy...most of the time. Now, lately, some things came up. And the worst part of it is that I already knew it, but it's like...becoming more of a reality. It actually DID happen. And I couldn't do anything about it. The other night, I was looking at my journal at the dates that took place at the same time and...I think to myself, "you were doing this and worrying about that...and you couldn't just fly to Florida and stop it from happening???" But, then I come back down to reality and realize that...this crap happens. What are you going to do?

Anyways, thru October and November, things got a little rough between Kim and I. Especially during November if I rememeber correctly. I think it was the end of November when her and I got into a serious...battle. Not really a battle, but...we just had this...split feeling. She wanted space from me. I was so confused. And hurt. I'll never forget it too. But now, we've worked thru it. But the memory isn't a pleasant one to have. They were tough times.

December was alright from what I can remember. A lot of it was spent waiting on January to come! And Christmas brought GTA IV and online gaming into our relationship! It was awesome! And finally, January came. We were able to finally, after 5 months...5 MONTHS!!!...meet again, hold one another. To kiss and hug and laugh and smile. We had an awesome trip! We agree it was MUCH better than the first. Well, now that the trip is all over, we're looking forward to the end of March and early April. Spring Break! I'm going to Florida. Im going to meet the Medina's. I'm going to visit Weston, Florida for the very first time. I'm excited to see where she has been living! Anyways, that's all that has been on my mind. Needed to let this all out.