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February 2010

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well, it's been about 4 months since i met this girl named Kimberly. things have been up and down. when things get good, they get bad soon after. but it hasn't always been that way. at times it was very great. other times, it felt like it was all coming to an end. through the weeks and months prior to this weekend, we've gone through a lot. worked on things. we've read 2 books. we've argued. we've watched movies, we've cried, we've laughed....it's been an emotional roller-coaster. i won't lie, there are times during those months that i DO NOT want to live over. but nonetheless, we're here now. we're still standing. glad to say that too. and on this friday, we will meet for the very first time in person. a pretty big deal for us. 39 days was the beginning of the countdown. and it's now down to 2 and 1/2. not too shabby.

i woke up this morning contemplating what will happen. i've also been having this mind frame that comes from this character in a book her and I read called Kissing Doorknobs. the character's name is Tara. and she has these images in her head of horrible things happening to her parents. and of course, i don't want horrible things happening to Kimberly, but i guess i'm weird like that. anyways, i wonder how the flight will go. if she gets lost. if i die before friday. i don't know, i'm weird like that. anyways, i'm just eager for the 14th to get here. eager to meet her. but not too eager. cause i'm very much so anticipating it.

in this past time i've had with Kimberly, a lot of emotions have gone through me. like when we first met, it really just started out as a crush. then it escalated into a thing of us talking on a regular basis. i started falling for her. and i believe she did too. i mean, we're in love today. but at that time, she had feelings for me as i did for her. she just wasn't verbal about it as i might have been. anyways, she was in this relationship with this guy and she wasn't happy. so through most of the beginning, i was more of an advisor in her life. and it was hard because i was there as a friend and i tried so hard to hide my true feelings. and when the day came where she finally ended this rancid relationship, things really did change for the better...for us.

and now here we are, amidst the arguments, the disagreements and the tears and all that stuff, we're in love, we're stronger and we're ready to meet for the VERY first time. i'm so, so, so excited to finally meet her. my girlfriend, my love.