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February 2010

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9 days late, a few dollars short..

well, today was the first day back at school. and my first day back at safekey. it's such a nice school, the staff are the kind staff i'd want to work with. the lead is anal and strict and i like that. she has a system and she wants people to follow it. i'd much rather have that than have some lead who barely has any idea and doesn't care what you do. that right there would get not only the lead in trouble, but everyone under them. so anyways, the only downside to it all is the distance in which i have to drive twice a day. and that REALLY sucks. but, i MUST stay positive. which isn't like me. and if you know me, you're probably thinking, "wow...jacob must be on happy pills." inside joke, boo. anyways, yeah that's that.

so, the trip with Kimberly is-hard to believe-done with. it really sucks too. it was weird because Kim and I agreed then and now that the trip seemed to go kind of slow but at the same time, kind of fast too. but nonetheless, her and i had a ton of fun!! lots of good memories. lots of laughing, joking, smiling, and all that good stuff. we didn't do all that much, but we just had a blast! eating hot cheeto fries late at night and watching funny movies. we watched Tremors, Madagascar 2, The Godfather, Corky Romano, Wall-E...i think that's it. anyways, just a great time with the love of my life. i love you, Kimberly Marie Medina! <3 <3 <3.

anyways, right now, we're playing Uno on facebook. dang, i love this girl. anyways, that's that.